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Most normal shops do not align a jeep right. We will never let a jeep out of the lot the same as it came in. The other “normal” shops see a modified jeep or truck come in and don’t take the right steps or even know how to do it right. With so many different lifts and steering these days on jeeps all the “normal” shops will try to set you at factory specs which doesn’t work. Alignment machines work on a green and red system after you input the make and model. You can have all red which is considered bad actually be good as you can have all green and be bad.

After owning jeeps so long we just know what’s the right set up. Again, not one “normal” shop is going to touch your upper and lower arms. Now if you don’t have adjustable lowers or uppers, you some times can get away with cam bolts but we will always suggest adjustable.

If we did your lift, or it’s just a check up the price is around $125/$150 
If you did your lift or a stereo shop did your lift and we have to spend hours making it right, you will be in the $330/$400 range.

It takes us between 1 and 4 hours for alignment.