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Lift Kits

There are so many options these days with lift kits. Do you go with a short arm, or a Long arm; 3 link … ? Well, it depends on your rig, driving style and a host of other things.

Here at Rock Bottom you have a ton of choices. We can actually make you a one off kit. You want to run 14″/16″ coil overs? We can make that for you. We have all the capabilities of making you a one off build. However, that’s not for everyone so we offer all the major brands including Metal Cloak, Evo, Rock Krawler, Terraflex, etc…

Turn around times on a kit ready to be installed are one day. If you want a full custom build or its custom with welding and cutting off brackets, it can take up to 7/14 days.

We do also provide ground up builds but recommend all parts being ready before we start the build. Those can range from 3 to 6 months depending on the build of course.