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ZR2 Chevy Colorado Steps

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Product Details

This product is great for the ZR2 owner. Little did we think there would be a demand for these but a good customer asked us to make him steps, he posted it on social and there was a lot of buzz so we decided to start making them for the public.

These are made out of 120 wall tubing with 1/4" wraps to secure them around your existing sliders. If you would like the method of having two clamps versus our holders, we can do that as well. The difference is quite simple. With the ones we want everyone to buy are the single bolt method. It takes you one minute per side to do both steps. The clamp method is 12 bolts per one and over time you have a very good chance at stripping them eventually.

These are shipped raw but cleaned up perfectly for you to just add your own primer and paint.

Shipping: Please allow 2/10 Days. Once 10 orders are made, the batch gets sent out. Thank you!

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